Moving into his new apartment, Sasuke finds out he has a very noisy and annoying neighbor. At first, he is determined to keep the troublesome young man out of his life but soon begins to understand that Naruto Uzumaki may be the kind of neighbor even he cannot keep out of his way…
+16 contains sexual scenes and strong language.
Sasuke Uchiha, a new student in the class. Naruto wants to show his smug classmate that he is not a person that the newcomer should take lightly. After continuous failed attempts on trying to beat Sasuke in about everything, Naruto discovers a new, more successful way of getting under the skin of the raven-haired boy. However, what Naruto does not foresee, is that his new method may have some unexpected consequences...
+18 contains explicit sexual scenes and strong language.
Naruto has a crush on his best friend but is determined to pretend nothing between the two of them has changed. However, he is not very good at keeping his feelings secret and the truth is bound to pop out, sooner rather than later…
+16 contains sexual scenes
Sequel to “The Beginning”.
Sasuke finds himself in an inner battle over his relationship with Naruto and his older brother’s approval of it. In addition to this, he is not happy with the way his brother is neglecting him. Sasuke’s raising temper is about to get him in real trouble and a certain blond boy runs to the rescue…
+16 contains sexual scenes
A variety of artworks and small comics mainly featuring Sasuke and Naruto. There is no adult content in this gallery.
The artworks in this gallery are recommended for adult audience only. There are a variety of artworks and small comics featuring Sasuke and Naruto in intimate and explicit sexual acts. The artworks have been sorted into categories based on how explicit their content is.


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